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about us

is a software developer and vendor
serving the Southern California health care business community since 1989.

Our specialty:

Windows-Intel compatible software for the small to medium-size health care businesses:
medical practices (all specialties, group clinics or solo practitioners).

Our products:

bullet AcuRecords V4.00
bullet CHDP-EZ    
bullet Sonia's Choice
bullet Custom programming
bullet Consulting
bullet Support

Medical practice billing and management software
California's Children Health and Development Program billing software
Patient scheduling software
Database management systems design for the medical business
IT consulting to the medical business
Long term IT support for the medical business, small or medium-size.

Main office:

7032 Beach Blvd Suite 5
Westminster, Ca 92683
714-893 6076
Business hours:   10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday


AcuRecords 4






AcuRecords, our flagship product, is the Windows
upgrade of a DOS version in use by many practices since 1990.
It is ANSI 4010A1 compliant, EDI ready, Medicare approved since October of 2002.

It is now, as was the DOS version, utilized at our billing service to daily manage heavy workloads. This  requires that it is always compliant, constantly updated and upgraded, and optimized for maximum user-friendliness.

AcuRecords is designed for Win 98, Win NT, Win 2000 and Win XP systems.
It works as well on minimal hardware like single modem-equipped computers, as on complex Windows networks.

As a vendor MDInformatique does not sell third party software, but markets and supports its own products. In other words, AcuRecords is distributed and supported by its developers. This means users can talk directly with the makers of the program, can have their own input, feedback and wishes be known. That was how our products have been developed and improved.

One can consider AcuRecords "made-to-order" for the small to medium-sized medical practice. It hasn't just jumped on the medical software bandwagon, but has matured over more than 17 years.

AcuRecords Overview


Sonia's Choice

Sonia's choice  patients scheduler


Schedule book for medical practices of one or multiple doctors, network-ready.

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