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      AcuRecords V4.0.0

AcuRecords is a solid, coherent, no-nonsense Windows business application that any employee with an average grasp of medical billing and management can understand, therefore operate.

The screenshot below, for example shows the New Claims window.
All that needs to explain about it is, it is for claims input. A simple encounter claim takes 10 seconds to complete.
Intuitive, user-friendly software means less training, increased productivity and job satisfaction.


Although lacking in bells and whistles, AcuRecords is by no means "simple" or "basic".

Introducing version 4.00:
bullet Multi-user, multi-tasking package requiring no additional licenses for up to 5 stations
bullet Outputs paper claims, all insurances including Medicaid and Medicare
bullet Outputs HIPAA compliant ANSI 4010A1 standards electronic claims
bullet Includes utilities to read ANSI 997 Acknowledgements, 935 Remittance advices, NHIC's ESR reports
bullet Includes free proprietary backup utility
bullet User has complete control on how claims are output: batch, individual, select to hold, etc...
bullet Multiple providers within group settings billing supported
bullet Transactions journal
bullet Automatic ledgers with ledgers notes
bullet Patients statements, customizable
bullet Account receivable and 15 other useful reports with individual providers tracking
bullet Complete patients database management tool
bullet User may use off-the-shelf scanner to store documents into the database (patient-linked)
bullet 3 security privilege levels (passwords)
bullet On-line help. Free lifetime Internet help (e-mail and members message board)


System requirements:
Pentium class computers (Desktops, networked units or laptops).
Operating system: Microsoft Windows, all flavors (Win 98 not recommended).
Windows networks, all flavors (Win 98 not recommended).
A laser printer is recommended.

  Pricing information

  • Software license, includes first year of support and first year free updates:     $ 1,700.00
    (License applies to one computer, or up to five stations on a local area network)
  • Optional support plan:   $ 700.00 / year (2nd year on)
  • Available in L.A. and O.C. areas: on-site set-up and training.

  No other hidden cost. (Additional requested services and consultations priced separately)



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